Valeting and Detailing

Here at RS we also have our own Valeting & Detailing Department on site which is open to the general public and we offer this service from a general hand wash,right through to a Showroom finish with outstanding results as in the Images below,for more details and prices please call us on 07955 576619


We have a number of excellent options for you and your vehicle,with the choice to add additional options to each of these so they are customised to your needs.

All valeting services are provided at our Fakenham facility where you can drop off the vehicle and leave it in our safe hands to complete the work. Alternatively we can collect the vehicle from you, complete the work and then return it to you. You are also always welcome to wait while we complete the work but we do advise that some of the valeting processes can take up to 6 hours+ to complete


The term “car detailing” has been widely used in the US for some time but it is still not often understood in the UK. To confuse matters, an ever increasing number of companies are using the term simply because they sometimes polish (mop) a car.

Car detailing is so much more than that and covers a wide variety of techniques and products to get the best results and most importantly requires specialist skills to apply. A valeter may get your car clean by typically spending an hour or less on it and and some companies can use a polisher over your car to remove a few marks, but neither can be classified as detailing.

What we do is more in depth and we have developed a number of services that are customised to each vehicle we work on. We use years of knowledge, the latest equipment, specially developed products and most importantly an OCD level of detail to complete all our work.


Head Light Correction
(With longer nights and harsh weather it is important that your headlights are working as best as they can. Not only are clouded headlights an MOT failure but they are dangerous to you while driving)

Sticker Removal
(Needing company logos removed from vehicle without damaging the paint work or leaving the glue behind)

All aspects covered, don`t hesitate to call, we`ll do our best to accommodate your needs!

07955 576619